My Kids are “Those Kids”

As school is starting back, I thought it fitting to write a note to teachers and parents about my kids, “Those Kids”.

Angry childYes, my kids are “those kids”. The kids that teachers hate to have in their class and the kids that your children come home telling you stories about. My kids are the ones that are disruptive, run around the classroom, and push your kids on the playground. And guess what? I already know that!

I live with “those kids” 24/7!

I know what my kids are like! You don’t have to tell me! But guess what, I also know that my kids are smart, and funny, and can be incredibly sweet!

They are not little assholes 24/7! So, instead of calling me when there are problems, which I absolutely want to be aware of, call me to tell me something GOOD that they did!

A kind act that you noticed, a good choice that was made, great effort on a test or project.

I would be amiss to tell you that my gut reaction when I see the school’s number pop up on my phone is “Jesus, what now?” But, if for just once, a teacher called to tell me she noticed a good choice that was made by my son or daughter, I would be elated! And our conversation could be such a positive one at the dinner table!

And parents, I understand why you tell your kids to stay away from mine. I really do!

But your child has something incredible to offer mine….friendship….and that friendship could be missed simply because of a label, “Those kids”. This past weekend, my kids played on the beach for hours building race car tracks in the sand, swimming in the lake, going down the slide, and they played with a little boy who they knew.

After the parent commented on how well her child was playing with his new friends, her son turned to her and said…” They’re not new friends, mom, I played t-ball with them last summer!”

And as he said their names, you could see the look of horror and embarrassment come across her face!

Yes, her son was playing with “Those Kids”. The kids that would literally hold up the game because they refused to move in the outfield and were literally dragged off the field screaming!

Or the kids that ruined the team photo by their angry, crying faces because they hated their picture taken…Yep… “Those Kids!” And for four hours, your child played with my child…and nothing happened!!

So, this school year, remember, “Those Kids” need friends too!

They need to be recognized for the good they do and not labeled for the bad choices. Because in the end “Those Kids” are my kids….and I only want what’s best for them!

<3 Rebecca

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