Requirements for Becoming a Foster Parent

Requirements for Becoming a Foster Parent – Did you know? You don’t have to be rich to become a foster parent. Also, you don’t need to be married. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a foster parent, you may have some reservations about whether or not you qualify. There are less barriers than you think! Learn more about the requirements for fostering children here on Newsymom!

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Do you know a lot of us have misconceptions about what the requirements are for becoming a foster parent?

For instance, did you know that foster parents don’t have to be rich? Or be of a certain religious background? Or be married? Or own their own home?

You read it right! Check out the actual requirements for becoming a foster parent here:

You must…
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a legal resident of the Ohio (& the United States)
  • Be able to read and write 
  • Be able to have sufficient income to meet the needs of your home* 
  • Have required immunizations
  • Follow additional rules to operate as a Type B daycare home in the foster home (if this applies to you)

*You won’t need to provide medical care for foster children! Medicaid provides foster children with medical coverage.

And must NOT…
  • Have a medical or mental condition* that would affect the care of children
  • Be convicted of exclusionary criminal offenses
  • Be identified as an alleged perpetrator of abuse or neglect 
  • Be listed on a Sex Offender Registry 
  • Operate a Type A daycare home in the foster home 
  • Operate as an adult boarding or rooming house in the foster home

*If you have questions if your condition could affect the care of children, contact COAD4Kids at or call (330) 364-8882 for more information.

Yup, you heard it right! Marriage is NOT required to be a foster parent. #singleparentswag

Why Become a Foster Parent?

You may be thinking, “Well, I don’t have lots of money…or a big car…or (insert other reason here).” The truth is this: kids placed in foster care don’t need all of that. These kids have a variety of backgrounds. Some were neglected. Some were abused. Some have parents who volunteered them into care while they work on themselves to better care for them later on.

However, these children all have something in common: they need someone in their corner! Aside from the basics (food, water, shelter), all children really need is love and support from an adult they feel safe with. If you feel you can do that for a child, you’ve already taken the first step towards being a foster parent!

COAD4Kids Can Help You Get Started

There are many reasons to become a foster parent, but the most important one is to share love and support with a child in need! To learn more about becoming a foster parent, send an email to or call (330) 364-8882.

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