Foster Parents Needed in Ohio

Foster Parents Needed in Ohio – On any given day, there are about 16,000 children in Ohio’s foster care system. (Ohio Foster Care and Adoption Guidelines, If you’ve thought of starting your journey as a foster parent, learn more on how to become one right here on Newsymom!

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As you tuck your kids in for the night and kiss them sweetly on their forehead, a thought may pop into your mind like,


“There are other kids out there who don’t even have a bed…or a stable parent to tuck them in.”

“Out there” is a lot closer than you think! Here in Ohio, about 16,000 children are in the foster care system, with 9,000 of those children with foster parents. The others are in kinship care arrangements, living with a relative or close friend. (Ohio Foster Care and Adoption Guidelines, If you’ve been thinking about caring for children in need, now is the perfect time to learn more!

The Statistics: Here in Ohio 

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to start the process to become a foster parent, here are some of the reasons to fuel your choice to learn more:

  • About 50% of all children in foster care are there because one or both of their parents are drug addicts.
  • 3,000 more children have entered the foster care system after the opiate crisis began.
  • About 35% of children are in the system due to neglect or abuse.
  • There are about 7,200 licensed foster families to fill the need of children.
  • About 3,000 children are eligible for adoption on any given day, with most being teenagers!

(Foster Care Stats, Pathway Caring for Children)

Resources for Inquiring Foster Parents

If you’re ready to take the dive to learn more about becoming a foster parent, give these articles a read:

Also, see the video below about service offerings from our friends at COAD4Kids!

Then, when you’re ready to take the next step to care for a child in need, send an email to COAD4Kids-New Philadelphia at, call (330) 364-8882, or follow them on Facebook for more information! 

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