What to do with Leftover Prescriptions?

Although it is important to follow the directions on a prescription medication bottle, many people still end up with leftover pills. There is a multitude of reasons for this. People do not wish to take more pain medicine than necessary. Some stop taking antibiotics once they begin feeling better. Plus, other unnamed factors. The vital aspect of this; however, is what to do with the leftover prescriptions. Read on to learn more about why getting rid of used medicine is essential and how to dispose of them safely.

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that between 6 and 7 million Americans, age 12 and older, have misused a prescription pain killer (such as OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin), sedative ( Valium, Xanax) or stimulant ( Ritalin, Adderall) in the past month. Every year, approximately 60,000 emergency department visits and 450,000 calls to poison centers are made after kids under 6 years of age find and ingest medication accidentally.

How can a person dispose of them safely:
  • Find local drug take-back locations
  • Reach out to local mental health recovery and addiction services boards for resources
  • Purchase or locate Deterra bags
  • Contact a local hospital, pharmacy, or doctor’s office about safe medication disposal

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