Rihanna: Mothers are Superheroes Depicted in Iconic Halftime Performance

Rihanna had us all on the edge of our seats trying to see if we were really seeing…what we thought we were seeing.

In an iconic performance, this incredibly talented woman not only entertained the world, but she revealed her second pregnancy!

We watched, mesmerize, not because of the music, which was great; not because of the insanely agile dancers; and not because of the at times cringe-worthy (sorry RiRi) crotch and butt squeezes, but because this woman just showed the world what mothers are really capable of.

Rihanna announced her pregnancy on the biggest stage in the world without uttering a word about it. There was no drawn out, stuffy interview or scripted Instagram post. Instead, she simply did her job and let people figure it out.

Some may critique her for not participating enough in the up beat tempo dancing or for the lack of acrobatics or celebrity guest appearances. But, if you’re hung up on all of that then you’re oblivious to what really just happened.

Rihanna reminded the world that women do not sit back or put their lives on pause when a baby enters the picture. She reminded the world of the undeniable strength, endurance, and absolute power that women possess.

She met herself where she is at on the journey to create life. She was smart and intentional with every decision on that floating stage and when her feet firmly planted on the ground, she embraced this high point of her career with an undeniable glow. Her body, her voice and her role as a mother became the spotlight of the show and so many of us mothers are seriously fan girling over it all.

Rihanna, thank you for bringing motherhood to the forefront of conversations. Thank you for reminding not only the skeptics, but women and mothers alike what we are all truly capable of. You have honestly sent a shock wave of empowerment across the nation and around the world.

The controversy will be thick and surely exhausting. People love to hate the super bowl halftime show and they love to judge other people even more. But, please do not lose sight of this truly special and iconic moment.

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