The Stockings and the Scarves Have Been Hung

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The rain that fell, sometimes heavily, on the second Friday of November necessitated moving the hanging of the scarves to the rain date.

This was only the second time since the beginning of the Scarf Project seven years ago that the rain date needed to be used, according to Toni Kaltenbaugh, founder and coordinator of The Scarf Project.

The weather was perfect the day the scarves were hung.  It was cold outside and there was even a little snow.  There was just enough snow to remind individuals that a warm scarf, possibly a hat and some mittens or gloves, would be nice to have.   Over two thousand scarves along with hats, mittens and gloves, were hung over a four county area, (Tuscarawas, Stark, Guernsey, Cuyahoga)  in Ohio.  The majority of them were anonymously taken by individuals needing a little hug from a scarf.  Those that weren’t taken that day were distributed through a variety of other organizations.  Kaltenbaugh stated “we never carry scarves over to the next year.  They are all given out every year, and none are ever sold.”

Scarves were also distributed at two Scarf Project branch locations in Canada, one in New York, and one in Utah around the same time.  Two branches in Australia will distribute their scarves approximately six months from now because that is when they have their winter.

The creation of the scarves etc. helps in more ways than just keeping people warm.  It helps individuals have a way to help others in a positive nature.  A 97- year-old lady crochets a hat a day.  A gentleman in his late 80’s crocheted over three hundred scarves for 2022.  There are groups of individuals in nursing homes that get together regularly and knit or crochet scarves and hats.  Yarn is provided to all these individuals who in turn create the beautiful hand crafted items that are shared with those who can use a little help stretching their budgets.

The Scarf Project is run on 100% donations.  The yarn is donated and given to individuals who knit or crochet.  Yarn donations, or NEW and WARM scarves, hats, mittens or gloves can be dropped off on the back porch of Kaltenbaugh’s house at 730 Tuscarawas Ave NW, New Philadelphia for Tuscarawas County residents.  Call Toni Kaltenbaugh 330-432-1930 for the locations to drop off in Guernsey and Stark Counties.  Also contact Kaltenbaugh for additional ways you can help if you don’t knit or crochet.

(Press Release Submitted by Toni Kaltenbaugh, The Scarf Project)

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