Two Funerals and a Fire

So the past few weeks have been quite an eye-opening time for me as a mother, friend, granddaughter and even as a wife.

A close friend of our family who was a like a surrogate mother and grandmother to our children passed away. My grandfather passed away and when we returned home from our travels our bathroom ceiling caught on fire!

I know it sounds weird but death and unexpected events seem to bring out the most interesting parts of our character. I learned how to be a friend in a different way to a grieving friend who lost her mother. We are young so losing a parent seems to put a new perspective on being a mother. I know I talk a lot about juggling the duties of motherhood, but I couldn’t help but think of all the ways I need to enjoy motherhood beyond the duties. There’s so much of me I want to give to my children and time is of the essence.

My grandfather’s passing, hurt me deeply because of all the memories that we have together. However, as a granddaughter, it gave me a new perspective on legacy and life. Both my grandparents are now passed and I feel entrusted with such a rich legacy of excellence, opportunity, and success to carry on. It makes me think about what my children are learning from the examples that my husband and I lead by about excellence, integrity and work ethic.

We all process death differently and I process with reflection and analysis, I analyze everything with the intent to see where I can better. Death is a swift reminder that we have a limited time span here and everyone’s time will come. However, it is also like your alarm clock in the morning going off each morning, telling you that a new day is here. What will you do with it?

I know some might wonder what does all this have to do with motherhood? Lots because if you have no idea what to do with your time left here on earth before you expire what are you showing your kids.

Moving on though, so both funerals were the same week and when we turned home from Milwaukee, the fan in our ceiling caught on fire, we got out the house ok and the fire just missed the roof. My husband was quick in his response to get us out the house. As a wife I am so proud to be married to this man, a sudden event like a fire is nerve wrecking and my husband’s calm demeanor is just what I needed. He is always cool, calm and collected (opposite of me lol) so at that moment as a wife, I learned to appreciate the nature of character in a different way. I appreciated that I did not have to worry but I had to trust. Many times as a wife I get so inundated with my motherly tasks that I take for granted things like that.

Whether it’s death or emergencies, take a look at how you are using your time here on earth and learn to appreciate the little things you may take for granted at times. Be blessed mommas, until next time!

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