VIRAL VIDEO – Moms know exactly what this mama bear is feeling

This mama bear trying to get her four cubs across a busy road is a must-see for moms of all species!

This poor mama bear has the internet nodding in pure sympathy as she shows us exactly what motherhood looks like as she works tirelessly to get her four rambunctious cubs across a busy road in Connecticut. The 4-minute video has seen hundreds, and counting, of responses on the Winchester Police Department’s Facebook page.

Watch the video below or by clicking this link.

“It feels like what we do all day long,” said one woman. “The trials and tribulations of all mothers. Poor Momma!” wrote another.

The video was taken on Sunday, March 27th and this mama bear uses up all 4 minutes of that video as she tries several times to get the cubs safely across the street. Police cruisers blocked traffic throughout to ensure the furry family‘s safety.

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