What in the World are Food Labels?

A lot changed in 2020, and the nutrition facts labels were not spared when it came to all the changes in the world. Not familiar with what the food labels are? Read on to learn more about them.

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The Nutrition Facts Labels (food labels) are on the back of any food or beverage that you purchase from the store, and they tell you information about what is in the product. You always see listed on these food labels:

  • Serving per container and serving size
  • Calories in serving
  • Sugar total per serving
  • Amounts of sodium

For the first time over 20 years, there has been a major overhaul in these labels. Now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is requiring companies to include:

  • Added sugars are included under total sugars to help consumers understand how much sugar has been added to the product.
  • The serving size is in a large, bold font and serving sizes have been updated to better reflect what people actually eat.
  • Calories are now shown in a larger, bolder font to better display this information.
  • Potassium and Vitamin D are now required on the label because people need to consume more of these nutrients.

The great news is that if you need more support or have questions Twin City Hospital is here to help with their nutrition services!

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  4. For most people, reading food labels is an essential part of a shopping experience, especially for products people may not be familiar with. Knowing what all the information means will make shopping a more educated endeavor.

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