Breaking News: Two Out of Three Parents Are Burned Out

Breaking News: Two Out of Three Parents Are Burned Out — A new study from Ohio State University shows 66% of parents with kids under age 18 meet the criteria for burn out. Take the test to find out how burned out you are right here on Newsymom!

We’ve all heard about the pandemic putting strain on essential workers and healthcare personnel, but the latest news in the world of burnout may not be so surprising if you’re experiencing it — working parents.

Kate Gawlik, a doctor of nursing practice and associate professor of clinical nursing at Ohio State, felt incredibly frustrated during the pandemic. She was caring for her children during the day, working throughout the night, and constantly playing “catch-up” with no end in sight.

The Working Parent Burnout Scale was Born

Due to her experience, she collaborated with Bernadette Melnyk, PhD, Dean of the College of Nursing at Ohio State to study it! Together they created the Working Parent Burnout Scale. After studying it and surveying 1,300 parents, they reached a conclusion: the burnout is real.

Want to find out how burned out you are? Take the test right here: Working Parent Burnout Scale. Check the boxes and tally up your responses!
The Results Show Risk Factors:
  • Over two-thirds of respondents were “burned out”, with moms being much more likely than dads to say they were overwhelmed.
  • Parental burnout increased in households with 2-3 kids, leveled off with 4-5 kids, and increased again with 6+ kids…whew!
  • About three-quarters of parents with a history of anxiety (~77%) or a child with ADHD/anxiety (~73%) reported feeling burnt out.

Burnout Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Burnout isn’t JUST a sad feeling; it can lead to depression, anxiety, and alcoholism in parents. It will continue to eat away at you, affecting your parenting and your children. You’re more likely to:

  • Insult, criticize, or scream at your children
  • Curse at or around your children
  • Physically harm your children

Treatment for Parental Burnout

Thanks to Kate Gawlik and the survey, the treatment seems simple: Self-Care.

Easier said than done, right?

The main thing to keep in mind is learning to be kind and compassionate with yourself.  Lower your expectations and know that you don’t have to appear to be “superwoman” or “have it all together”.

Here are some more tips to keep you sane:

  • Don’t feel guilty for saying no to avoid biting off more than you can chew. If it makes you anxious, pass.
  • Talk with someone you trust about your feelings, getting professional help when necessary from a mental health provider.
  • Build your resilience and coping skills through practices such as: mindfulness, gratitude, self-affirmations, and deep-belly breathing.
  • Take accountability for a healthier lifestyle: eat better, drink water, take walks, and most importantly, SLEEP WELL.

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