Self Care Practices for the Mind, Body & Soul

Tusc., Ashland & Stark Moms are trying these Women’s Self-Care Practices for not only a healthier but a happier life!

I would love to share with you some of my favorite ways to practice self care for the mind, body and soul.

Here are my top 3 in each category. 

Self care for the mind:

  1. Meditation for 10-15min during the day will help you clear your mind and be more present.
  2. Take social media breaks. Social media can be a great thing! But sometimes too much of it and it sucks you in. Step back and take a much needed break. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Turn on your favorite music and have a jam session. Sing at the top of your lungs and be in the moment. For me, it’s praise and worship songs.

Self care for the body:

  1. Get in a  workout and get those happy endorphins flowing. Whether it be going to the gym or pressing play at home. My home workouts are my jam.
  2. Make healthier food choices. You know the saying, You are what you eat, it’s true! Fuel your body with the right nutrient dense foods and you’ll feel so much better. Fuel your body with the processed foods too much and you will feel sluggish.
  3. Take a nap. I know easier said than done. As a mom of 3, it’s not always easy to get in a snooze during the day. But when you’re able to, it will be delightful.

Self care for the soul:

  1. Start journaling. This can look different for each person. For me, I have a few different things I like to focus on daily. My gratitude journal, prayers journal and brain dump. For the gratitude journal, I pick 3-5 things daily that I’m grateful for and jot them down. The prayer journal I’ll write out my prayers for the day ahead. For my brain dump I jot down all that is on my mind at the time and get it all out on paper. It may sound silly but it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
  2. Personal development. Pick up a good personal development book or listen to a good positive podcast. There is always room to grow so be eager to learn and better yourself. One of my favorite personal development books is by Joyce Meyer, “Authentically, Uniquely You“.
  3. Recite daily affirmations in the mirror. This is a practice of self-empowerment and positive thinking. A few of my favorite affirmations are, I am worthy,  I am beautiful, smart and strong, I will be present in every moment, I will make today a great day. When you’re done saying your affirmations to yourself in the mirror, a great way to end it is with a air high five to yourself and say, You got this! Another great read is from Mel Robbins, “The High 5 Habit“.

I hope this spoke to you in some way and that you can apply some of these self care practices to your life. I’d love to hear how you practice self love/self care.

Shanon Elkins

Editorial Author



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