Brush Up On Your Parenting Education With These New Tricks!

Brush Up On Your Parenting Education With These New Tricks! – Parenting is hard enough, but COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia has all the tools you need to become a better parent! Taking their Parenting Education Course can earn you money towards your groceries or a gas tank fill-up. Learn more about the course right here on Newsymom!

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids. 

Parenting is a challenge. The tactics you use one day may not work the next. Or, what works for one kid, may not work for your next child!

How are we supposed to maintain our sanity when our kids are ever-changing?

Practice Self-Care

The best thing that you can do for your kids is to first take care of yourself! I know, I know, it’s hard. You’re the one running the household, doing the shopping, maybe the cooking (or ordering out), managing the bills and finances, driving your kids to their activities… Who has the time for self care?!

However, it’s so important! That’s why they say to pull the oxygen mask over your own face before helping your child in a plane’s emergency. You’re no help if you aren’t taken care of! Bring in a babysitter, plan a school day to treat yourself to a spa day, or call off work for a mental health day (drastic, but important).

If you have family or friends, reach out and ask them to lend a hand. For the holidays, ask for non-tangible gifts such as:

  • Cleaning an area of your house (or the whole house)
  • Watching your kids
  • Cooking dinner for your family
  • Taking your kids to a game, movie, or to a friend’s house

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones. It could mean the difference between staying sane and losing your mind. You’d be surprised at the amount of people out there ready to help you.

Brush Up On Parenting Education

You can help ramp up your parenting know-how by taking a free Parenting Education Course offered by our friends at COAD4KidsNew Philadelphia! You’ll learn about the following topics:

  • Kids interrupting
  • Getting ready at bedtime
  • Acting up in public
  • Conflicts with peers
  • Sibling conflicts

Taking this self-paced class will earn you a $30 gift card towards groceries or gas, too! You can learn more about this class by contacting Kaylee Hambleton at (740) 856-7959 or shoot an email over to for more info. 

Keep following along at COAD4KidsNew Philadelphia on Facebook for the latest on parenting tips to keep you sane!

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