Your toddler will love this DIY wrapping paper activity!

If you’re looking for a way to add a little extra magic this holiday season, creating DIY wrapping paper with your toddler is the way to go.

What’s more fun to your toddler then giving them the opportunity to make a mess? That you approve of course! Making wrapping paper is an easy way to curve your toddler’s creativity and your family and friends will love seeing it.

It may seem a little scary giving your toddler free reign of paint, but it’s worth it. Once you get the courage to make it happen, here’s what you’ll need to get:

  • Butcher Paper
  • Washable Paint
  • Brushes or Sponges
  • Jars or Plates to Hold Paint
  • Trash Bags or Drop Cloth (optional)

The best way to get a huge chunk of wrapping paper painting is to unroll a large section of butcher paper on the floor or table. Although it’s optional, it’s nice to lay trash bags or drop cloths down first. This will keep your floor or tables untouched. You’re going to need more paper than you originally think. The more you’re able to unroll and have your toddler paint now, will help!

Another great thing about using butcher paper is it will hold up in the mail! While spending the holidays away from family because of COVID, you can still bring the magic of the holidays to other’s homes.

Once you get your desired amount of paper out, pour paint in or on desired containers. You can use whatever colors you’d like. Light green and red really pop on butcher paper. Black and red will give a classic look. Blues and silvers will make your wrapping paper look frosty. Whatever colors you choose will be perfect.

Then comes the fun part!

Then, let your toddler use paintbrushes or sponges to draw their designs on the paper. You can cut sponges to the desired shape if you’d like. This is a time for them to be creative. It will also help them collaborate with their family while creating! There is no ‘perfect’ DIY toddler wrapping paper. For some reason, I believe everyone will think it is perfect no matter what.

If you’d like to guide them for a specific pattern, draw it out in pencil first and have them paint over it. You can also encourage them to draw different shapes or items as well.

After a few minutes, you’ll see their wrapping paper come to life.

Depending on your toddler, they might get done quickly or some will want to keep going. No matter how long they take, they might get a little messy. With washable paint, your toddler will be clean with a bath or shower.

When it’s time to wrap presents for your loved ones, your toddler will be excited to see their finished work being used. This will make a special memory for them and those who are recieving it.

If you give this one a try we want to know how it goes for you! Send your feedback, photos, etc. to


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