Five things I’ve learned being a SAHM

Shit gets weird some days…

Sink1.) Money DOES make the world go around, but not OUR world. I left my 70,000 dollar corporate America job to stay at home with Jude. We paid off all of our debt and one of our cars and said screw it, we will make it work somehow. We did, we have, and we will continue to make things work. There have been some very tough times, however, it has been SO worth it. Jude has been raised by her mommy since she was an infant. She is so smart, so kind & thoughtful, well mannered and FUNNY! I’m sure if she had gone to day care she would be all of these things, but I like to think that she’s just a little bit more of them because I have been home. The time that I have had with her is priceless, I will be returning to work soon enough and will forever be thankful for this time I have gotten with my baby girl.

2.) Shit gets weird some days, just roll with it. I have had some of the strangest days of my life over the past 2 1/2 years. From poop on the couch to golf balls in my toilet, my days are just jacked up sometimes. I have been pissed on more times than I can count, my Lancome eye cream has been eaten, dog turds have been picked up and inspected, but last weeks events, well they take the cake. I was cleaning up the bathrooms and Jude comes & says “mommy look I drink” so I followed her to the kitchen, my expectations were pretty low at this point, she got on the ground and picked up one of her straws, scooted over towards the dogs self-serving water bowl, stuck her straw in it and GUZZLED that disgusting water like it was a giant slurpy from Circle K. Ok child, clearly I have failed as a parent, and I should’ve thought to get you your own self-dispensing water dish. Lesson learned for the next kid, lesson learned.

3.) Your partner becomes your time clock, and holy SHIT they can not get home fast enough…EVER!!! There are days when I am peacefully napping when Katie gets home, and then there are days that I am staring out the window, like a 5-year-old waiting for the ice cream truck, for a glimpse of her car pulling down the street. When she pulls in the garage I start dancing around and throwing my hands in the air like I just won the damn lottery. CLOCKED OUT I shout as I run out the door faster than a black Friday shopper trying to get to a Hatchimal. Freedom never felt so good, mama needs a break, for real though.

4.) Work smarter not harder! I always said this when I was a manager, but now I really GET it. I could literally clean my house 7 times a day, just for it to look like sonic the hedgehog barreled through my living room 5 minutes later. I quickly learned that there will be points that the house looks like Miley Cyrus came through on her wrecking ball, but when its nap time and bed time it will once again look like Martha fucking Stewart is the owner. It’s all about balance and knowing that you just can’t win ALL DAY (but there will be points that you are winning the cleaning game) little wins moms, it’s all about the little wins. Finally 2 years later I have come to grips with the fact that my house will be clean at 2 & 10 and any other hour of the day is just a straight up crapshoot.

5.) I AM LUCKY. Beyond measure lucky. I have the BEST job in the whole entire world. I have the most REWARDING job in the whole entire world. I have struck gold and continue to strike it daily. I get snotty kisses, and ‘wuv yous’ for payment daily. I not only get to watch my daughter grow up, I get to be smack dab in the middle of her figuring out this whole crazy thing we call life, and it is indescribable. It is by far the hardest job that I have ever done, but above and beyond the most enjoyable I have ever done. I took a leap 2 years ago and Im happy to say I have stuck the landing (and the crowd goes willlld).

<3 Kandi

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  1. Great post! I find a tend to write when I’m feeling overwhelmed rather than when I’m feeling good, but I definitely love to read a positive post like this one!

    BTW… My husband has the option to work from home once a week and never does *sobs a little*

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