Healthy Tip Tuesday – Traditional learning this school year – don’t forget these 4 supplies

(Ohio) – If traditional instruction works best for your family, there will be a few extra items you’ll what to pick up when shopping for school supplies.

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Many families across the state are being given a choice to either send their children to school for traditional instruction or to keep them home for remote learning. This, of course, is due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19. For those choosing option A, to send their children back to school, health experts are recommending a few extra items be added to your school supply shopping list.

With many districts offering face-to-face instruction as an option for the 2020-2021 school year, officials are ensuring increased safety precautions will be implemented. These measures include things such as increased hand washing, smaller class sizes, fewer students in high gathering locations like the cafeteria and the hallways, etc.

Health experts are encouraging parents who choose this option to consider picking up the following items in addition to book bags, folders, pencils, etc.

  • Face coverings or face shields. Many districts will, at minimum, require masks to be worn during certain times throughout the school day. Exceptions do exist and families should consult with their districts directly for more information.
  • Hand sanitizer. While districts are ensuring sanitization stations will be set up throughout school buildings, it’s not a bad idea for students to have their own supply as well.
  • Tissues. While tissues have always been a common item on any school supply list, they are even more so heading into the next school year. Many retailers sell small, travel-sized boxes that students can easily throw in a purse or book bag for easy access.
  • Reusable water bottle. While many districts are discontinuing the use of public water fountains and requiring personal reusable water bottles, a reusable water bottle is a great item to consider regardless. This ensures your child can be hydrated throughout the day while reducing the risk of illness. Experts recommend reusable water bottles over plastic, disposable water bottles due to the harmful effects the latter have on the environment.

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