Local parents give back to inspire togetherness as social distancing continues

A Tuscarawas County couple is inspiring kindness with a small act that’s having a big impact.

Tiffany and Zac Schweitzer are from Dover, Ohio and they have launched a wave of kindness and support to ensure friends feel connected despite being forced to stay apart.

The couple has three children Crue, age 7; Hadley, age 4; and Tegan, age 3. On top of being a mom, Tiffany is also a registered nurse at Aultman Hospital working full time in Infusion Therapy in addition to the NICU as needed. “Being a nurse right now has been eye-opening to say the least,” said Tiffany. Some days I go to work anxious and scared for what could come, but fortunately, my coworkers and myself have been proactive and all remain healthy. It has been amazing to see just how flexible, hardworking, and committed we’ve been through this pandemic. Nurses really are awesome!”

Tiffany found herself inspired to help her friends and other families in a moment of ‘paying it forward.’ “Honestly, when I went grocery shopping for the first time after the restrictions were set, I felt the stress of trying to shop for 2 weeks worth of food for our family of five in a rush. I left that day forgetting several things on my list,” she explained. “My aunt happened to text me shortly after I left and said she was dropping off a lasagna my mom had made for us. The weight I felt lifted off my shoulders at that time because I didn’t have to stress about dinner was addicting.” 

That was the moment she realized she could do the same for other families. “I consulted my husband on the idea and he was fully committed. We discuss every week who we would like to choose and then I reach out to them and ask if I can order a dinner delivery.”

She added that she hopes to create concrete evidence of compassion and kindness. “The response we receive after asking a family if we can provide dinner has been the biggest reward for us,” she added. “Coincidently, nearly every family has had special circumstances in which they appreciated the gesture even more.”


And to where fellow mommas out there, Tiffany had this to say: “Remain grounded. Moms are the glue that holds every family together, continue that. When everything else is changing from day to day, it’s important that home life remains as “normal” as possible.”

She added that in her home her family has committed to sitting at the table every night for dinner, and thanks to the kind hearts of her and her husband, she’s helping to ensure other families can do the same. “It’s only a small gesture to show we care, but our hope is that it grows contagious and many people do their own acts of kindness and pay it forward.”

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