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Master Your Mornings With These 5 Tips!

Transitioning to a structured schedule is difficult for adults and little ones, especially when kids are still learning to take care of themselves.

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It’s a new school year and many are still shaking off their free-spirited summertime schedule. If you and your baby or toddler are trying to make it out of the house at a certain time, try these tips!

  • Get plenty of sleep and be consistent. Having a consistent bedtime routine and lights-out is as important as a consistent morning routine!
  • Verbalize your expectations. Even if your little one isn’t talking in full sentences or paying attention to your every word, telling them what the next day will entail helps them learn the motions and tailor their own expectations.
  • Pre-pack bags and lay out clothes the night before. Have everything by the door, ready to go. Avoid the morning outfit battle by laying out clothes the night before!
  • If you can, wake up before the kids! Having a few moments of quiet to plan out your day is helpful.
  • Make sure everyone has a good breakfast. Even if you’re eating on the go, make sure the family is nourished and running on FULL!

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Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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