Report Calls for Immediate Action to Fight Child Poverty in Stark County

(Canton, Ohio) – A new report suggests that child poverty has become an epidemic in Stark County.

The report was released by the Stark Community Foundation, the United Way of Greater Stark County, and the Center for Community Solutions highlighting the issues at hand and offering a framework to achieve change.

The report indicates that in 2019 Canton, with a population of 65,000 in 2019, had the second-worst child poverty rate of any city in the country and that it is anticipated that will be even worse this year.  The United Way noted that while the federal poverty threshold for a family of four is $26,200 annually, that family would actually need to make $66,876 in order to get by.

Officials explain that the population of cities throughout the county has declined, so the poverty issue becomes more concentrated. So, while there is roughly the same number of children living in poverty, they account for a larger percentage of the population. Officials outline several strategies that can make a difference including working directly with children to help them overcome disadvantages. Things like early childcare and education and kindergarten prep. The report details additional solutions.

For more information, including ways to get involved, contact the

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