The Real Truth about Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Many people often feel that vaping and e-cigarettes are safer options than traditional cigarettes due to the other harmful by-products in cigarettes. However, studies show that the newer vaping and e-cigarette options are just as serious if not worse than conventional cigarettes. Read on to learn more about what they are and harmful effects of vaping and e-cigarettes.

Key Facts about the use of e-cigarette or vaping

  • Electronic cigarettes — or e-cigarettes — are also called vapes, e-hookahs, vape pens, tank systems, mods, and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).
  • Using an e-cigarette product is commonly called vaping.
  • E-cigarettes work by heating a liquid to produce an aerosol that users inhale into their lungs.
  • The liquid can contain nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) oils, and other substances and additives. THC is the psychoactive mind-altering compound of marijuana that produces the “high”.

What CDC Recommends

  • Do not use or buy any e-cigarettes, or vaping, products that contain THC.

For our youth and teens:

  • Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and can harm adolescent brain development, which continues into the early to mid-20s.
  • E-cigarettes can contain other harmful substances besides nicotine.
  • The use of e-cigarettes may be more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future.

Help is available to quit, just like with traditional smoking. It is possible.

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  1. So…just explaining what a “vape” or E-cig somehow shares the real truth??? Just more hype and scare to keep people on cigarettes leading to cancer and spending more money medically.

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