Top Five Qualities of a Great Foster Parent

Top Five Qualities of a Great Foster Parent – Being a foster parent comes with very unique challenges and surprises! If you’ve thought of starting your journey as a foster parent, there are five qualities you need in order to make it as a supportive foster parent. Learn more about these five qualities right here on Newsymom!

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Being a foster parent takes a strong heart. Opening your home, family, and heart to practical strangers takes a special kind of person. With the rise of displaced children in our foster care system, the need for these special people is skyrocketing!

Top Five Qualities of a Great Foster Parent

If you’ve been considering becoming a foster parent, these are the five qualities you’ll need to possess in order to become a supportive foster parent to your foster children:

Open Mindedness

A great foster parent needs the ability to keep an open mind, to be willing to learn and grow. As a foster parent, you’re opening your home to many different strangers with different backgrounds and in turn, to learn from others. It may seem scary, but the opportunity is limitless! 

Great Sense of Humor

This one is important to have for your own sanity. Going through the process of becoming and remaining a foster parent can be tough. You’ll have sleepless nights, difficult kids, and learn some heart-wrenching stuff about their situations. If you can see the silver lining and be the light in the darkness, you’ll help your foster children and your sanity!


Along with open-mindedness is the ability to have an open heart: empathy. Being able to understand the feelings of the children you’re caring for will make you understand why they act out in the ways that they do. In turn, you’ll also be a much more supportive parent when you show those children that you’ll be in their corner no matter what.


The placements you get as a foster parent all have one thing in common: Instability. These kids are placed in your care because of the simple fact that they do not have stable caregivers. Showing that you are a stable, supportive parent is the one thing they need most! If you say you’re going to do it, do it. Follow through your words with actions.


The life of a foster parent is ever changing. Your schedule is all over the place, you have tons of appointments added in, your home may be seeing multiple placements, and you’re doing all of this with your existing obligations in place. The ability to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions is essential for great foster parents!

So, do you have these qualities to be a wonderful foster parent? Are you ready to learn more about becoming a foster parent? If so, take a look at these additional resources to help you start learning about Foster Parenthood!

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Then, when you’re ready to take the next step to care for a child in need, send an email to our friends at COAD4Kids-New Philadelphia at, call (330) 364-8882, or follow them on Facebook for more information!

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