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Virtual Student Research Colloquium 2021

Student Research Colloquium 2021 at KSU Tuscarawas contained not only grit & curiosity but a nail-art printer, sociology, and 3-D animation!

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The Virtual Student Research Colloquium exclusively offers Tuscarawas undergraduate students an opportunity to learn the skills and methodologies in their major.  The colloquium has been held annually for the past 24 years and open for all who are enrolled at the Tuscarawas campus to apply in the fall.  Students’ curiosity is acknowledged and met while exploring an area of personal interest regarding and diving further into their meaningful research in their discipline.

Virtual Student Research Colloquium

The Student Research Colloquium include opportunities to explore:

  • Analytical, empirical, theoretical, basic, or applied research
  • Creative activities such as graphic, costume design, performance, short stories, web design, gaming, and animation
  • Presentation styles with virtual platforms

Tuscarawas campus faculty members mentor students during the project.  Together, students collaborate to generate ideas, create research proposals, conduct research, prepare a professional research paper and present their project. This is a unique opportunity as students who participate in the colloquium grow more in-depth knowledge in their field while preparing for future employment.  It is an honor to the community, students at the Tuscarawas campus, and faculty members to grow and learn together with the student colloquium.

On April 5, 2021 the Research colloquium went virtual!  This year displayed the brilliant work of 3 projects, 8 students, and 4 faculty mentors.

The 2020-2021 Student Research Colloquium Projects:

Title:  “Mini Printer for Nail Arts”
Presenter: Annie Quan (Engineering Technology)
Mentor: Dr. Dhruba Panthi

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Annie developed a new method of applying designs onto fingernails or toenails using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno.  Dr. Dhruba Panthi, Assistant Professor Engineering Technology, served as her advisor.  The thesis committee included Dr. Lovejoy Das, Chitra Rajagopal, and Dr. Adrian Jones. Annie is on track to graduate this May with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology.

Title: “An Exploration of Sociological Factors Predicting Rape and Child Molestation”
Presenter: Brett Swigert (Sociology)
Mentor: Dr. Adrian Jones
Mr. Swigert successfully presented his research during the Virtual Student Research Colloquium. His research explored three sociological theories to explain the criminality of Jerry Sandusky and Jeffery Epstein.  It included the theoretical analysis of the role of power in exploitation. As a psychology and English major, Andrew’s background in policing and interest in sociology made him an ideal candidate for this project, according to his mentor, Dr. Adrian Jones, Associate Professor in Sociology and quantitative researcher.

Title:  “Desert Rune
Presenter: Joseph A. Gage, Heather Wagner, Johnny Lam, Michael Drago, Marissa Gyorki and Megan Gyorki (Animation Game Design)
Mentors: Tim Fritz and Turan Koptur


This animated video (posted on Kent Tuscarawas facebook) was completely created by the talented Animation Game Design (AGD) students as their Virtual Student Research Colloquium project. The team of bright students and engineering technology instructors were involved in all aspects of creating this amazing 3-D film.
The Bachelor of Science degree in Animation Game Design at KSU Tuscarawas is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design Animation Game Design.
The Student Research Colloquium is a unique opportunity specifically for KSU Tuscarawas undergrad students to gain knowledge beyond the classroom in preparation for future success. 

Why go anywhere else when 🎓low tuition, 🎓 close to home, 🎓extraordinary education is right down the road?

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