Hey girl, another way to build confidence for your future

School is a place to learn and grow, however, styling yourself up can only add to your confidence and desire to grow further. 

Of course, confidence is about more than appearances and what you’re wearing, but we all like to look our best too! Here are some cool tips that will add substance and style to your look as well as a boost of confidence! 

  1. Bracelets can be added in several colors for extra style.
  2. Shoes are an important component to complete the look, whether it is sandals or flip flops, low or high sneakers. Wear something that defines you and add sequins or a bit of glitter as a DIY hack!
  3. Belts? It especially looks great with jeans or a high-waisted skirt.
  4. A little lip gloss gives the look of a cool girl. 
  5. Matching earrings to the color of the shirt is both cool and upgrades the look!
  6. Upgrade your nails with cute nails for little girls
  7. Add a little charm with a french braid or high ponytail.
  8. Use some hair accessories, such as a bow or a headscarf as that can be really fun for the summer months! 
  9. Play around with your school accessories – a fun pen and stationery set can make learning more fun.
  10. Add a streak of color to your hair, if you are able to, a bright hot pink or dusky blue can look particularly stylish.

It’s about substance, not just style! 

Focus on your confidence and your best attitude! Walk with your head held high, and your shoulders high – you have nothing to feel shy about. Even if you feel different from other girls, you have the same power, strength, and possibility of success. With a good attitude to learn, you can feel stylish and confident and attract even more goodness into your life. Be inspired by those around you and people who you look up to.

What have they worn and what do you think looks good on you? After all, you have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up too quickly. Play around with style and see what other people your age are wearing too. Can you adapt it to your style? Is your style quirky? Do you like bright colors? The options are endless when you’re considering how to look and feel good at school. 

You never know, maybe you will be the one setting the trends! Apply a sweet and fragrant scent on your neck, wrists, and elbows, and spritz it on your clothes. Start from the inside out – eat well, exercise, laugh more and be with friends. This will give you confidence and make you look even more beautiful!

Don’t worry about the texture of your hair or the color of your skin; use these as power tools. Add some fun hair accessories to add charm to your look, or play with neon shades to contrast your darker chocolate-toned skin – after all, you have no weaknesses – only strengths! It’s time to look cool and add some fun elements to your look. Whether that’s nail art gems, new earrings, playing with new colors, or wearing more dresses, it’s time to look good! 

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