8 Christmas Activities To Do With Your Family When You’re Snowed In

8 Christmas Activities To Do With Your Family When You’re Snowed In – An impending winter storm is brewing, likely hitting Ohio this weekend! What activities can you and your family do from home while it snows this Christmas weekend? Check out the activities and prep list on what to gather right here on Newsymom!

Meteorologists across the nation are anticipating a massive cold front hitting the States, bringing with it the potential for our first winter snow storm! Have you thought about what you and your family could do this weekend if you’re snowed in and can’t travel to grandma’s house safely due to inclement weather?

If the answer is no, don’t you fret! Newsymom has the hacks to keep everyone entertained this weekend, even if the wind knocks out your power or the snow leaves you trapped at home:

Dress Warm and Play In The Snow!

How many times can you confidently say you’ve played with your kids in the snow? Aside from snowball fights and snow angels, have you built a snow fort, snowman, or gone sledding down a hill? Inclement weather is the perfect excuse to call off from work, take your littles to the closest hill, and just have fun! Dress in layers starting with your Long Johns and layer up to your snow pants and winter coat!

Make a Family Hot Chocolate Bar

When all the snow-play is done, you’ll need a fun way to warm up! What’s a better way than having a whole family hot chocolate bar set up? Warm up some hot chocolate and have some of the following fixings handy for each person to make their own delicious cup of Christmas: marshmallows, peppermint, cinnamon sticks, chocolate shavings, vanilla, graham cracker crumbles, and whipped cream!

Note: Have a way to heat up your hot chocolate if the power goes out. Recruit the help of a generator or have Sterno cans to light on deck to warm up your milk!

Break Out the Board Games

When was the last time you played a board game instead of watching tv or TikToks on your phone? Board games are the best! For longer game play, consider games like Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Clue! You can even pick up a variety of games for five bucks each at Five Below. We scored the What Do You Meme Spongebob Squarepants Family Edition for only five bucks! #nostalgia

Encourage Your Family’s Imagination: Read (Or Write)!

There’s no time like the present to help foster a wild imagination. Reading is the perfect way to imagine worlds unlike anything you’ve seen, and will engage your littles! If you still have power, take advantage of digital book platforms such as Libby, Hoopla, or Kindle to read or have a little collection of physical books they love to read if the internet gets knocked out. If your kids feel extra inspired, encourage them to write their own book!

Note: Keep flashlights, candles, and lighters handy for light if the power goes out in your area!

Tap Into Games From Your Childhood

Remember the days of playing hide and seek, Go Fish, or 52 Pick Up? (We personally hated when dad initiated 52 Pick Up…if you know, you know.) Reminisce and share with your kids all of the games you used to play with your friends and family, teach them, and watch them beat you at your own game within the first few minutes!

Dance Party!

Keep Christmas alive by having a dance party! Incorporate a twist by playing Musical Chairs, playing games like Dance, Dance, Revolution or Just Dance, or see who can dance to the best trending TikTok dances!

Note: If the power and internet goes out, have a downloaded playlist handy to listen to offline and a charged Bluetooth speaker!

Christmas Craft Time

There’s so much to do within craft time. You could make it as simple as printing off Christmas coloring pages, level up to making Christmas ornaments or decor, or extend it beyond the holiday and have your kids make personal crafts to display in their rooms! Use your imagination to keep your kids engaged during craft time and produce some beautiful looking decor to display in your home.

Organize Your Family Photo Album

What’s a better time than this to revisit family memories with the ones you love? Most of your photos are probably digital now, but if you can print them out at home or do a 1-Hour Print at somewhere like Walgreens or Walmart before the weekend, print your memories out and put them in physical photo albums or scrapbooks with your family! You’d be surprised at what memories you’ve forgotten about!

Note: You’ll need photos of your adventures before the power goes out! Keep them handy. 😉

A Little Reminder: Checklist of Things To Do Before The Storm Hits

There’s no need to panic about the incoming storm, but having these tasks and items handy will make your lives much easier! Save this checklist to your phone and see what you can prep before the winter storm makes travel extremely difficult or near impossible:

No matter what, stay safe this upcoming weekend. Remember, there’s nowhere you have to be that’s worth risking you or your family’s lives during inclement weather!

We look forward to hearing all your Christmas stories soon!

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