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Forgetting a Child in the Car: It Should Never Happen

You’ve seen it on the news or read about it online. You’ve shaken your head in disgust, wondering how any parent could ever do it.

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Choose to Be A Mother

This past weekend I had a dream about my great-grandmother who will be 97 tomorrow. She shared some encouraging words with me in my dream that had me smiling when I woke up and got me pondering on what motherhood looked like for generations before me (and my mother).

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Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger

I’m passionate about motherhood. I am so thankful for the small group of authentic friends I have formulated over the years because being a parent is hard. I feel like that is something society can agree on as a whole. In this day in age where the stereotypical mom, dad, sister, brother is being challenged it makes it even harder.

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Study: The Number of Working Moms Continues to Climb

In a research study published in 2017 experts focus on the question of many mothers: to have a career or stay home with the kids.

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Study Suggests Wage Penalty for Motherhood-Switzerland

Survey-based research finds sizeable unexplained wage gap between mothers and nonmothers in affluent countries.

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Write Your Narrative

In the fall of 2008, at the fresh age of eighteen, I found out I was pregnant. Read more

AAP Offers Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

If your holiday decorations aren’t up already, odds are you’re planning a day to start putting up trees and lights, but the American Academy of Pediatrics is sending out a few reminders as you do so.

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Dover Rotary Club to Host “Breakfast with Santa”

The Dover Rotary Club is inviting the public to attend an annual tradition.

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Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was your birthday! What a fine young man you must be!

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