Foster. Adopt. Help a Child in Need!

Foster. Adopt. Help a Child in Need! – Ohio ranks in the bottom ten percent of U.S. child welfare outcomes. (Measuring Transformation Report Final, The need for these children in foster care to find a loving, supportive home is overwhelming! Become a foster parent with the help of our friends at COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia. Get the deets right here on Newsymom!

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids. 

Ohio foster care children are struggling. A recent report showed foster children who aged out of the foster care system here in Ohio are much more likely to be unemployed or be incarcerated than children aging out in most other states.

Aged-Out Youth Survey Tells All

Children who have aged out of Ohio’s foster care system were asked to complete a survey on their experiences. The result? Ohio ranks in the bottom 10% of the U.S. on these four indicators in the National Youth in Transition survey:

  • Obtaining a high school diploma or GED
  • Being employed
  • Being enrolled in school
  • Being incarcerated (put into jail)
Above: The results of the survey taken by kids who aged out of the foster care system. You can see more of the results here: Survey Results

COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia Aims to Fix This Problem

If you’ve thought of becoming a foster parent, COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia will walk you through the process to become a foster parent! They have tons of resources and support groups to help you become the ultimate support system for your foster kids.

Have Questions About Becoming a Foster Parent?

Thinking of becoming a foster parent, but you’re not sure where to start? COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia has all these resources (and more) to help you on the start to your journey:

Stay tuned to all the wonderful ways you can impact a child’s life for the better! Continue to follow COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia on Facebook for more information on foster parenthood, child care providers, and additional resources. 

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  1. I agreed when you said consistency is everything in life, not just parenting. But, I believe it is essential for success in foster parenting. I wanted to adopt a child since we didn’t have a child after ten years of marriage.

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