What Will I Learn in Foster Parenting Education?

What Will I Learn in Foster Parenting Education? – One of the first few things you’ll encounter when you start the process of becoming a foster parent is foster parenting education. Learn more about what you’ll be learning in these classes right here on Newsymom!

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In the beginning of your journey as a foster parent, you’ll undergo a process before you become licensed to care for foster children in your home. The process generally looks like:

    • Filling out a preliminary application.
    • Completing a background check with fingerprinting and submitting necessary documentation (ID documentation, financial records, medical statements saying you’re fit to care for children, have up-to-date vaccinations, etc.).
    • Taking classes to help you on this journey of foster parenthood.
    • Having a home study and safety audit done to ensure your home is safe to house children.

Today, we’ll go into some of the topics that you’ll learn about while you’re taking classes!

Topic #1: Mental Health

The children you care for are in the foster care system for a reason: they’ve all been exposed to some kind of trauma. Whether it’s a neglectful parent, sexual or physical abuse, or exposure to drugs and alcohol, these kids come with emotional baggage weighing on their mental health.

In these classes, you’ll learn about common mental health disorders within children in the foster care system and how to best support them as they work through all of their emotions. When the kids are in your care, you can also expect to take them to regular therapy appointments or even administer medication if your foster children need it!

Mental health is CRUCIAL to overall health and wellness. It all starts in the brain after all! With your foster children, therapy appointments are likely to occur, whether they’re group, family, or individualized.

Topic #2: Sexual Abuse

This topic can be hard to stomach. While all children should be living their best, most innocent lives, there are many children who had their innocence stripped away from sexual abuse. It could’ve been from their own family members or even a previous foster home.

While this class is a tough pill to swallow, it’s absolutely necessary so you can see the signs of sexual abuse and report it to your caseworker. So many children don’t understand what happens until later on or are too afraid to say something to someone.

Topic #3: Abuse & Neglect

In other cases, your foster children may have been physically abused or neglected. Often in cases where alcoholism and drug use is involved, it’s important to say something to your caseworker if you see or hear something. 

This class will teach you all about the varying degrees of abuse and neglect and how that impacts the way your foster children see the world. It will also teach you to become a pillar of support to help re-establish a sense of self in the children you care for.

Other Topics You May See

There are many other topics to be covered while on your journey as a foster parent. Some of them may include:

  • Orientation/Intro to Foster Parenting
  • Right & Responsibilities of Caregivers
  • ODJFS Rules
  • Child Development
  • Attachment/Separation
  • Grief/Loss
  • Cultural Issues in Placement
  • And more!

Are You Ready to Become a Foster Parent?

Becoming a foster parent is a journey, but it’s one that’s easily started! All you have to do is reach out to our friends at COAD4Kids-New Philadelphia to start your journey. Get in touch by sending an email to foster5@coadinc.org, calling them at (330) 364-8882, or follow them on Facebook for more information!

There are tons of children in Ohio looking for a stable home and loving parent to support them as they grow. COAD4Kids-New Philadelphia will help make the foster parenting process that much easier for you!

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