Month: April 2018

Meet Tamika, Author

My name is Tamika and I am the mom of 3 beautiful girls. I have 15-year-old twins who I have shared custody with their father and a 3 year who I am a single mom to. 

Donations Sought to Continue Weekend Food Program for Tuscarawas County Youth

The Tuscarawas County Health Department is looking to the community for donations to fund a program for local youth.

A Mother’s Letter to Her Son

He said “I don’t want that sauce on my noodles, I just want salt and pepper and butter.” I encourage him to try the sauce first and if he didn’t like it then he could have just butter noodles. Inside my heart was smiling because I used to do the exact same thing when I …

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The Time Is Now – Talk to Your Kids About the Dangers of Substance Use

Does your child know you’d be disappointed if they drank alcohol, smoked marijuana or abused prescription medication? Are you certain they truly understand the risk?


Three children have been found safe after officials say they were taken by their father.

Celebrating Amazing Moms – Newsymom Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mariah Carter has been nominated as an AMAZING mom!

Tears of Gratitude

Well, it happened again today. I left my child’s preschool gripping her tightly in my arms, with tears filling my eyes.

Ohio Attorney General Issues Statement on Abortion Funding Litigation

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is making a public comment regarding last week’s ruling in the case: Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio V. Hodges.

Library to Hold Sign Language Storytime

In honor of Earth Day, the Dover Public Library is inviting the public to a sign language storytime event on Wednesday, April 25th.

Through Love, Hope and Prayer, 4-Year-Old Finds Her Voice

Imagine never being able to have a conversation with your child. Never knowing their true wants and needs. Wondering if you’ll ever hear them say ‘I love you.’

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